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How it all began for me - My excuses for spending over 38 years searching for Covingtons around the globe.

Where are we from? - Some research on how the now famous Covington name came to be, plus early Covington history.

Coat of Arms - A number of variations for the famous Covington Coat of Arms.

The Covington Database - Access to the full database detailing all the Covingtons I have managed to track down to date.

Famous or infamous? - A collection of those Covingtons who might be considered to be "Famous" or "Infamous".

Photo File - Hundreds of photos of Covingtons through the years from all parts of the world – other option Individual.

Latest Updates - A listing of all recent entries or updates added to the Covington Database.

Missing Father Data - A list of all the Covingtons for whom I need to trace their father's details. With this info I can tie more family trees together.

Other Derivatives - Details of historical spellings & charts showing popularity and worldwide spread of the Covington name.

Name Pronunciation - Exactly how do you pronounce Covington?

Family Trees - A number of the larger Covington trees collected together for you to view and/or download.

US Lineage - How the Covington name first came to be established in the U.S.A.

Covington Places - Brief details for all of the counties, cities, towns and villages named Covington throughout the world.

Odds & Sods - The Covington name also crops up in films, books, TV series, movies, businesses, ships etc, etc – read all about it.

Tracing your tree - Some tips on how best to trace your direct ancestors.

Acknowledgments - E-mail addresses of major contributors to this project, plus details of other useful Covington History sources.

A Better Place To Be - Part novel, part auto-biography - my early-life story.


All data included in this site has either been obtained from public records, published information or submitted personally by a contributor. It is not my intention to cause any distress to any individual or family, merely to provide a service of interest to Covingtons around the world, therefore any persons mentioned on this site who are not happy about their entry should request amendment or removal by e-mailing covingtonhistory@mhcovington.plus.com.



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