NOAH COVINGTON (21172). Born: 1831- 1832 at North Carolina NC

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NOAH COVINGTON (21172). Born: 1831- 1832 in North Carolina NC. Father: not known (0). Mother: not known (0). Mar: about 1857 in

North Carolina NC to Hayward, Hannah (21173). Was a Farmer. In 1880 Census living in Cheek Creek Township, Montgomery Co NC.

Both parents born in North Carolina. (Last updated: 23/11/2022 15:13:18)

MARANDA COVINGTON (21174). Born 1858- 1859 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Hayward, Hannah (21173)

ANELIZA COVINGTON (21175). Born 1861- 1862 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Hayward, Hannah (21173)

WILLIAM L COVINGTON (21176). Born 1864- 1865 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Hayward, Hannah (21173)

ELIJAH E COVINGTON (21177). Born 1865- 1866 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Hayward, Hannah (21173)

JAMES P WESTLEY COVINGTON (21178). Born 1867- 1868 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Hayward, Hannah (21173)

MARY C ELLEN COVINGTON (21179). Born 1870- 1871 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Hayward, Hannah (21173)

SARAH I COVINGTON (29535). Born 1872- 1873 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Hayward, Hannah (21173)

ALLIS I M COVINGTON (29536). Born 1874- 1875 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Hayward, Hannah (21173)

DIZA R COVINGTON (29537). Born 1878- 1879 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Hayward, Hannah (21173)

DICIE COVINGTON (29538). Born 28 Dec 1885 in Montgomery Co NC. Mother: Hayward, Hannah (21173)


MARANDA COVINGTON (21174). Born: 1858- 1859 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Noah (21172). Mother: Hayward, Hannah

(21173). Mar: 10 Nov 1892 in Cheek Creek, Montgomery Co NC to Stanback, Alford (). Known as Randy. (Last updated: 23/11/2022


 ANELIZA COVINGTON (21175). Born: 1861- 1862 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Noah (21172). Mother: Hayward, Hannah

(21173). Mar: 29 Sep 1885 in Montgomery Co NC to Chappell, Ike (). Sometimes shown as Eliza. (Last updated: 23/11/2022 15:13:18)

WILLIAM L COVINGTON (21176). Born: 1864- 1865 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Noah (21172). Mother: Hayward, Hannah

(21173). (Last updated: 27/11/2018 23:30:50)

ELIJAH E COVINGTON (21177). Born: 1865- 1866 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Noah (21172). Mother: Hayward, Hannah

(21173). Mar: about 1885 in North Carolina NC to McAllister, Lucy Catherine (21180). Known as Eli (Last updated: 27/11/2018 23:31:17)

MARY ETHEL COVINGTON (21181). Born 7 Mar 1887 in Tatum, Marlboro Co SC. Mother: McAllister, Lucy Catherine (21180)

LUCY CLAUDE COVINGTON (21183). Born 5 Dec 1889 in Tatum, Marlboro Co SC. Mother: McAllister, Lucy Catherine (21180)

GRADY HAROLD COVINGTON (21169). Born 6 Jun 1893 in Floral College, Robeson Co NC. Mother: McAllister, Lucy Catherine (21180)

GILBERT WORTH COVINGTON (21182). Born 19 Sep 1899 in North Carolina NC. Mother: McAllister, Lucy Catherine (21180)

EUGENE E COVINGTON (21185). Born 1903- 1904 in North Carolina NC. Mother: McAllister, Lucy Catherine (21180)

McALLISTER COVINGTON (21184). Born 1905- 1906 in North Carolina NC. Mother: McAllister, Lucy Catherine (21180)

JAMES P WESTLEY COVINGTON (21178). Born: 1867- 1868 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Noah (21172). Mother: Hayward,

Hannah (21173). Shown as Westley in some records (Last updated: 23/11/2022 15:13:18)

MARY C ELLEN COVINGTON (21179). Born: 1870- 1871 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Noah (21172). Mother: Hayward,

Hannah (21173). Mar: 9 Mar 1889 in Mineral Springs, Union Co NC to Nicholson, James (). Shown as Ellen on some records. (Last

updated: 23/11/2022 15:13:18)

SARAH I COVINGTON (29535). Born: 1872- 1873 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Noah (21172). Mother: Hayward, Hannah

(21173). (Last updated: 23/11/2022 15:13:18)

ALLIS I M COVINGTON (29536). Born: 1874- 1875 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Noah (21172). Mother: Hayward, Hannah

(21173). (Last updated: 23/11/2022 15:14:16)

DIZA R COVINGTON (29537). Born: 1878- 1879 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Noah (21172). Mother: Hayward, Hannah

(21173). (Last updated: 23/11/2022 15:15:03)

 DICIE COVINGTON (29538). Born: 28 Dec 1885 in Montgomery Co NC. Father: Covington, Noah (21172). Mother: Hayward, Hannah

(21173). Died: 116 Aug 1951 in Rockingham, Richmond Co NC aged 65. Death certificate shows her as a Domestic. (Last updated:

23/11/2022 15:30:45)


MARY ETHEL COVINGTON (21181). Born: 7 Mar 1887 in Tatum, Marlboro Co SC. Father: Covington, Elijah E (21177). Mother: McAllister,

 Lucy Catherine (21180). Mar: 7 Jul 1907 in North Carolina NC to McKenzie, Angus Hugh (). Died: 26 Oct 1959 in Laurinburg, Scotland Co

NC aged 72. Known as Ethel. (Last updated: 13/08/2021 09:20:02)

LUCY CLAUDE COVINGTON (21183). Born: 5 Dec 1889 in Tatum, Marlboro Co SC. Father: Covington, Elijah E (21177). Mother:

McAllister, Lucy Catherine (21180). Mar: 1 May 1913 in Marlboro Co SC to Chason, Walter H (). Died: 7 Apr 1962 in Lumber Bridge,

Robeson Co NC aged 72. (Last updated: 13/08/2021 09:20:02)

GRADY HAROLD COVINGTON (21169). Born: 6 Jun 1893 in Floral College, Robeson Co NC. Father: Covington, Elijah E (21177).

Mother: McAllister, Lucy Catherine (21180). Mar: 1923- 1924 in North Carolina NC to Elizabeth L (21170). Died: 13 Mar 1966 in Fairfax

Co VA aged 72. On WW1 Draft Registration he was shown as a Machinist working for U.S. Navy at Charleston Navy Yard, which he

claimed made him exempt from being drafted for war service.


At time of WW2 Draft Registration on 27 Apr 1942 he was living in Washington DC , still working in the Navy Yard, described as having

Ruddy complexion, 5ft 8ins tall, 195 lb with brown eyes and black hair. The index finger of his left hand was missing.He was buried at

Arlington National Cemetery in VA. (Last updated: 13/08/2021 09:20:02)

FORREST McALLISTER COVINGTON (5696). Born 22 Oct 1925 in Tatum, Marlboro Co SC. Mother: Elizabeth L (21170)

MARTHA J COVINGTON (21171). Born 1928- 1929 in Washington DC. Mother: Elizabeth L (21170)

  Grady Harold Covington 21169 - Arlington Cemetery Headstone.jpg

GILBERT WORTH COVINGTON (21182). Born: 19 Sep 1899 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Elijah E (21177). Mother:

McAllister, Lucy Catherine (21180). Mar: 25 Dec 1923 in Robeson Co NC to McLean, Mary (26325). Died: 7 Apr 1988 in Greensboro,

Guilford Co NC aged 88. Known as Worth. In 1930 Census was living in Greensboro, Guilford Co NC. (Last updated: 21/04/2021 07:41:59)

CATHERINE ELIZABETH COVINGTON (26326). Born 4 Jun 1931 in Guilford Co NC. Mother: McLean, Mary (26325)

EUGENE E COVINGTON (21185). Born: 1903- 1904 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Elijah E (21177). Mother: McAllister, Lucy

Catherine (21180). (Last updated: 27/11/2018 23:44:19)

McALLISTER COVINGTON (21184). Born: 1905- 1906 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Elijah E (21177). Mother: McAllister, Lucy

Catherine (21180). (Last updated: 27/11/2018 23:43:44)


FORREST McALLISTER COVINGTON (5696). Born: 22 Oct 1925 in Tatum, Marlboro Co SC. Father: Covington, Grady Harold (21169).

Mother: Elizabeth L (21170). Mar: 13 Aug 1949 in Dare Co NC to Glass, Frances Anne (5697). Died: 29 Oct 1999 in Washington DC

aged 74. (Last updated: 01/04/2001)

HAROLD ARMSTEAD COVINGTON (5528). Born 14 Sep 1953 in Burlington, Alamance Co NC. Mother: Glass, Frances Anne (5697)

BENJAMIN GLASS COVINGTON (21167). Born during 1959 in Alamance Co NC. Mother: Glass, Frances Anne (5697)

FORREST McALLISTER COVINGTON (21168). Born during 1967 in Alamance Co NC. Mother: Glass, Frances Anne (5697)

MARTHA J COVINGTON (21171). Born: 1928- 1929 in Washington DC. Father: Covington, Grady Harold (21169). Mother: Elizabeth L

(21170). Military Service: Sergeant, US Army, North Carolina National Guard WW1. Buried at Arlington National Cemetery (Master). (Last

 updated: 27/11/2018 14:58:35)

CATHERINE ELIZABETH COVINGTON (26326). Born: 4 Jun 1931 in Guilford Co NC. Father: Covington, Gilbert Worth (21182). Mother:

McLean, Mary (26325). Mar: 12 Oct 1957 in Guilford Co NC to Davis, Ruffin Sledge (). (Last updated: 21/04/2021 07:45:22)


 HAROLD ARMSTEAD COVINGTON (5528). Born: 14 Sep 1953 in Burlington, Alamance Co NC. Father: Covington, Forrest Mcallister

(5696). Mother: Glass, Frances Anne (5697). Mar: 12 Jul 1973 in Arlington Co VA to Wesson, Lucie Annalen (4830). Died: 14 Jul 2018 in

Bremerton, Kitsap Co WA aged 64. Was an American neo-Nazi activist and writer. Covington advocated the creation of an "Aryan

homeland" in the Pacific Northwest (known as the Northwest Territorial Imperative), and was the founder of the Northwest Front, a website

which promotes white separatism. This probably made him the most widely disliked member of the Covington dynasty, Harold Armstead

Covington holds some very strong anti-semetic, anti-black views which he regularly shared in his blogs to the world.


Born in Burlington, North Carolina in 1953. He was the oldest of 3 children. In 1968, at age 15, he was sent to Chapel Hill High School. In

1971, he graduated high school and joined the United States Army


Party leader of the neo-nazi Nationalist Socialist Party in U.S.A. On 31 March 1981 a John Warnock Hinckley, b.1956, shot U.S. President

Ronald Reagan. Hinckley had been a member of the Nationalist Socialist Party between 1978 and 1979 when he had been expelled.

Harold Covington said of him - " He felt we were not sufficiently militant for him. He wanted us to go out and commit unlawful acts. We sort of

 carried on a debate on it. He struck me as a sincere person who felt something had to be done. He was expelled because his ideas were

too extreme and violent." (The Times 1/4/1981, Page 7, Col g)


A website exists offering information on the National Socialist White Peoples Party and its Leader. The following gives a further radical view

 on Harold and his activity:


This page is dedicated to exposing one of the most destructive government agents working in our midst: Harold Covington. It is important

that you become informed about people like Weird Harold because as our movement grows there will be more people like him, sent to

demoralize and destroy us. I hope that this page helps to give you the information you need to protect yourself and others from jewish or

government sponsored subversion. The NSWPP is not the organization of George Lincoln Rockwell. The name has been stolen and mis-

used by a known BATF informant named Harold Covington. Harold is a fat, Jewish looking man who's nickname "the Rabbi" comes from

his very jewish, very rabbinical appearance. Weird Harold has made a career of spreading lies and filth throughout the White Nationalist

movement. One of his pen names, Winston Smith, is taken from George Orwell's novel 1984 and refers to the government agent in "1984"

who was employed by Big Brother to write and spread lies for the "Ministry of Truth." You need to be informed!


The following is an excerpt from Vol.13, #1 (the Jan/Mar '95) issue of the National Socialist Vanguard - A Quarterly Overview of the NS



For a number of years now, our associates have questioned Harold Covington's sincerity in the Movement versus his psychiatric status after

 reading his allegations against other people and groups. Any investigation into this area would be merely academic. The important thing to

understand is that Harold Covington, for whatever reason, is neither a reliable source of information nor competent to critique the

Movement. (Rick Cooper, Editor, NSV Quarterly - POB 328, The Dalles). Web Author: John Hammer. Copyright & copy;1997 by



The following information was sent out by WAR (White Aryan Resistance) - Weird Harold Armstead Covington [born September 14, 1953,

in Burlington, North Carolina - Social Security number (ss# ), deleted out of respect for the Constitution and not the jerk harold who is trying

to destroy it--M)] is currently the greatest embarrassment the White Racialist Movement has. Weird Harold has recently started the National

Socialist White People's Party. [As most of you may know, this was the name of the organization founded by George Lincoln Rockwell.]

However, before anyone rushes to join this "reincarnation" of Commander Rockwell's party, they should know something about Weird



The nickname "Weird Harold" was given to him by the people that knew him when he was with the Nationalist Socialist Party of America.

This was the group started by the homosexual pedophile Jew, Frank Collin [Cohn]. Collin was arrested by detectives from Chicago's Youth

Division for taking indecent liberties with adolescent boys. Subsequently, when Weird Harold took over the "leadership" of this organization

it quickly collapsed since most people quit in disgust because of his weirdness

and stupidity.


Weird Harold is basically a coward that will run at the first sign of trouble. In the book Nazis, Communists, Klansmen, and others on the

Fringe by John George and Laird Wilcox they write: "In 1980 Harold Covington assumed the leadership of the NSPA. It was a banner year

for him in other respects as well." "His streak of successes was short-lived, however. Events during the trials of Klansmen and NSPA

members led some of his followers to suspect that he was an undercover informant. Faced with internal revolt and what he later called

"harassment and threats by the ATF, Covington announced he was going underground. In March 1981 he appointed St. Louis NSPA leader

 Michael Allen, twenty-nine, as his successor and disappeared shortly thereafter. He wound up on the Isle of Mann, living there for several

years before returning to the United States." "Allen, it turns out, was a bona fide ATF informant."


 In the book Code Name Greenkil: The 1979 Greeneboro Killings by Elizabeth Wheaton, she writes: "Allen supplied the ATF with Nazi

membership lists, organization rules and structure, and "eyes only" memos to the party leaders from Covington." Michael Allen's ATF

[Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms] Confidential Informer number is CI-203.


In North Carolina, Weird Harold gave information to Federal Agents that helped set-up and imprison Frank Lee Braswell. In an Associated

Press article in the June 25, 1981, Raleigh, North Carolina The News and Observer stated: "Covington named in Nazi trial ASHEVILLE

(AP) - Federal investigators said this week that they uncovered an alleged plot to set off bombs in Greenaboro after a Nazi leader told an

undercover agent that a member of his group was a "gunfighter for the party, that he had killed several policemen. " In U.S. District Court

Monday, Michael Sweat, an agent for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, testified that he received the information from

Harold Covington of Raleigh, the head of the National Socialist Party. Sweat testified during a pretrial hearing for six Nazis accused in the

alleged plot. The undercover agent said Covington identified Frank Braswell, one of those accused in the alleged scheme, as the alleged



According to court records from the District Court of the United States for the Western District of North Carolina, Asheville Division, Criminal

 Action Case Number A-CR-81-11, when Federal Agent Sweat was asked "that Harold Covington was where you received your information

 to start a criminal investigation on me [Braswell]. Am I Correct?" Agent Sweat answered "That's Correct." Also, when asked "As a result of

your contact with Mr. Covington, what if anything did you do?", Agent Sweat answered "I initiated a criminal investigation on Frank

Braswell." Then when asked "Now on these initial contacts how did you introduce yourself to Frank Braswell?" Agent Sweat answered "On

the initial contact I called Frank up prior to meeting with him on the 7th, I think it was a day or so before. And he said he had heard about me

already from Harold Covington and he was anxious to meet me. He had heard that I was in the type of business that I related to him later

from Harold Covington."


Later testimony from a Federal witness stated "The first -- the way the investigation got initiated was with an undercover contact with Harold

Covington, who told me certain things -- ". In the book Code Name Greenkil: The Greeneboro Killings, Elizabeth Wheaton writes: "In

September 1979 … Covington led another ATF agent to Frank Braswell, as four months earlier he led [undercover government agent]

Bernie Butkovich to Wayne Wood. Michael Sweat, an agent from the Ashville ATF office, presented himself to Covington as Mike Swain …

N "Two days prior to the breaking of the Butkovich story, Sweat made contact with Frank Braswell. Braswell phoned Covington to check on

Sweat; given the go- ahead, he began talking to the agent." Wheaton concludes by stating Weird Harold "brought two ATF undercover

agents into his own party, resulting in the convictions of two of his rivals."


Besides informing to Federal Agents, Weird Harold has other interests. His great obsession in life, besides of course gluttony, is the late

Church of the Creator founder Ben Klassen. Weird Harold seems to think and talk quite a bit about Ben Klassen. Also Weird Harold is

especially fond and interested in alleging that Ben Klassen was homosexual, but never produced any proof.


His so- called "newsletters" are full of obscene and filthy language describing these homosexual acts as he talks and fantasies about Ben

Klassen. Weird Harold even gets weirder in that he fancies himself as quite a skilled linguist for coming up with "clever" phrases like "Benny

 Butt F***er" ! Weird Harold also "alleged" that Ben Klassen was a Jew, again without any proof.


The odd thing about this is that if you would give Weird Harold's family tree a good shake, you would find a Jew by the name of Hugo Glass

in it. This may be why Weird Harold once made the comment about himself that "I look more like a Rabbi than a National Socialist".


However, what is more important than looking like a Rabbi is acting like one. A prime example of Weird Harold's Jew-like behavior is in this

 low-grade moron's "newsletter" Resistance. Resistance is so full of lies, half-truths, and Weird Harold's own fantasies, that nothing in it can

be taken seriously. In fact, almost nothing in it is truthful or accurate. Even when told the truth from reliable sources, Weird Harold is so

incompetent that he screws it up.


Weird Harold often writes under the pen name "Winston Smith". [Winston Smith is the name of the main character in George Orwell's

classic political novel 1984.] However, Weird Harold has recently authored an issue of Resistance lavishing praises on himself written under

 the name "Luther Williams". This is a typical ploy in one-man operations. They have no one to write good things about themselves, so they

invent fictional people in an imbecile attempt to fool and deceive the reader. In this particular issue, titled THE OLD ORDER PASSETH,


Weird Harold attacks many people, but is such a coward he doesn't sign his own name to it. Besides praising himself, this issue was full of

lies about people in the White Racialist Movement, ranging from Tom Metzger of the White Aryan Resistance, the memory of Ben Klassen,

Will W. Williams and Dr. Pierce of the National Alliance, and Arthur Jones of the America First Committee, to name just a few. Besides

these people, Weird Harold has attacked Pastor Butler of Aryan Nations, calling him "scum"! Also, Weird Harold has recently written "I'll be

exposing Gerhard Lauck [of the NSDAP/AO], a slime ball of the first order".


Weird Harold's game plan is so obvious and so unbelievably stupid you would think it came from the mind of a mentally unbalanced geek.

Weird Harold thinks that by attacking other people and other organizations with lies that he can destroy them, and then everyone will

magically come to him and make Weird Harold their supreme Dictator!!?!!


Although the basic premise of Weird Harold's plan is fundamentally flawed and incorrect and stupid, he is never-the-less attempting to put it

into place and trying to build an organization, to use his terminology, the "N.S.W.P.P. Mark Two". By combining with two other one-man

organizations he now has a "powerful" three-man organization. The other organizations are the Nationalist Socialist White America Party,

operated by James Karl who publishes the NSWAP Newsletter; and the National Workers League, operated by William Henry Kendall, who

 publishes Plexus.


They don't call him Weird Harold for nothing. Weird Harold is a believer in the occult and black magic. In a May 18, 1980, article by Angella

Herrin about Weird Harold titled A Nazi apostle of white supremacy in the Raleigh The News and Observer states: "A believer in the occult

and black magic, he earns some money writing ghost stories, he says - but he won't divulge his pen name. " The article then goes on to

show that Weird Harold is not one to be relied on when it comes to telling the truth.


Angella Herrin writes: "Although he [Weird Harold] told WRC [radio] listeners he is a Vietnam veteran, he admits Pentagon records show he

 was never in Vietnam." The News and Observer goes on to quote Weird Harold, a 1971 graduate of Chapel Hill High School: "Like most

Americans, I'm a working man. And I support myself by writing," he told one radio caller. However, the Raleigh newspaper points out: "In

fact, Covington is paying a vanity press to publish his gothic romance Rose of Honor this summer. He has not had a full-time job since 1977.

 He lives over Nazi Party offices and receives no salary. He simply controls party finances, he says, "and I take whatever I need". " Another

example of Weird Harold's dishonesty uncovered by this newspaper was in an April 4, 1981 article as follows: "Covington: Hinckley was a

Nazi - Associated Press -


Countering denials that accused presidential [Ronald Reagan] assailant John W. Hinckley Jr. was a Nazi, former American Nazi leader

Harold Covington insisted Friday that Hinckley "was a member and I did correspond with him." Covington and his successor as head of the

National Socialist Party of America, Michael Allen of Chicago, have maintained that Hinckley was a Nazi for a few months in 1979. Law

enforcement officers and monitors of right-wing groups have denied that. "The man was a member and I did correspond with him for a

while. That happens to be the truth." Asked to produce the letters or other documents as proof that Hinckley was a Nazi, Covington said,

"We do not keep documents of that nature"."


Weird Harold has a very disturbed sociopathic personality that craves attention. Since no one takes him serious as a "movement leader",

Weird Harold's only way of attracting attention to himself is by making up spurious rumors and lies about various people and organizations.

    Thus by creating disturbances in the White Racialist Movement, this pathetic buffoon focuses the attention on himself that he craves, even if

it is only to have people denounce him as a fraud, a liar, and as a traitor.


As you can imagine, Weird Harold is not much of a "ladies man". After crudely trying to proposition a young Aryan woman by the name

Sharon Mooney in a ghastly stupid letter dated June 12, 1994. Sharon wrote back in "an open letter to Harold Covington: dated June 18,

1994" that: "You are not needed with what is, Jewish blood (you certainly have the mentality!) to further pollute our genetic pool. Maybe your

grandfather was not a Jew… but the evidence to me is that he MUST have been.


If he was not… well, then you Mr. Covington… accidentally suffered some sort of defective evolutions when your mother was carrying you…

and you were born very abnormally un-Aryan in mentality and the natural character of the Normal Aryan Male.


Physically… you look Jewish. When you telephoned me, after you sent this obscene letter… I remembered you stating clearly… "I didn't sign

 it." And after I read that letter, now I know why you didn't. Nobody in their right mind would! However too, anybody in their truly sane state of

mind and body, would not write any such thing, in the first place." [SIC]


The above sample was just a short quote from Sharon's hellish six page letter to Weird Harold. She closed the letter with this little poem:


"May your days in the movement be numbered… May you finally be found out for the perverted criminal you are, so you can be imprisoned

and feel firsthand, the accusation you lay against Ben Klassen… May your Jewish Cousins spit on your foul grave, when you are finished in

this earth, from doing your dirty ZOG-serving work."


Publisher's Note: Weird Harold is also a hypocrite. Weird Harold makes people swear on his "Official Supporter Application" that "I am not

a journalist or an agent of any government- sponsored organization designated as a "law enforcement agency"… That I am a non-Jewish

White person of unmixed Aryan racial descent… and that I am not a Satanist Or involved in any kind of occult activity." Weird Harold is all of

the above and by his own standards shouldn't be a member of his so-called "N.S.W.P.P. Mark Two", let alone its "leader". Weird Harold is

an unnatural, unholy, vile, grotesque, abomination to the White Racialist

Movement and will not be tolerated.


Extract from "Searchlight" June 1992




A leading North American neo-nazi, who has a strong association with the Irish Republican movement in the USA and Europe, is living in

Britain. With the British secret service, M15, having recently assumed responsibility for dealing with the IRA on mainland Britain, we hope

our expose of his presence and background will lead Ms Stella Rimington, the new head of M15, to request the Home Secretary rapidly to

eject this nazi from Britain.


Harold Covington, now residing at 29 Palamos Road, Leyton, London E10, is in his late forties. Over the last 30 years he has gained a

personal notoriety for his role not only in organising some of the worst neo-nazi and racist groups in America but also as the architect of the

1979 massacre in Greensboro, North Carolina, which left five people dead and another nine with injuries from gunshot wounds. Although the

 Ku Klux Klan massacre was of his design, he did not have the guts to be present when the dreadful act was carried out.


Shortly afterwards he fled to Rhodesia and later South Africa, stopping over in Eire and Britain along the way.


Covington holds dual Irish and United States nationality. This is thought to be as a result of his marriage to an Irish woman during one of his

European trips. He claims to have been married twice with both marriages ending in divorce. He says he has a son and daughter in Ireland,

whom the American government have banned from entering the USA.


Studying in Britain


In a recent letter to his comrades in the British National Party, Covington claims to have taken time out to study in Britain and use his

citizenship of a member state nation of the European Community as a means to remain in the country if challenged.


We were alerted late last year by our friends in the Center for Democratic Renewal in the USA that Covington might be heading back to

Europe. But we never expected him to be allowed into this country for two reasons: firstly his strong Irish Republican links and secondly his

association with the former illegal regime in Rhodesia. Clearly we were wrong. Covington claims that Special Branch knows of his presence

 here, but he seems to have been left alone to work and study for a City and Guilds qualification.


But all has not been well for the nazi leader. His ongoing row with Ben Klassen, boss of the Church of the Creator, led to Klassen informing

a senior member of the British National Party last February that Covington was in the country. Kiassen's letter went on to tell the BNP, which

he knows claims to be in the forefront of the anti-Republican fight, of Covington's dodgy Irish associations, and went further to suggest that

Covington might be a CIA operative.


For reasons known only to himself, the recipient of the letter, John Morse, kept quiet about it and our attention was drawn to Covington's

presence in this country only when copies of both Klassen's letter and Covington's own circular letter to British nazis came into our



Wave of killings


Certainly Covington has not lived up to his reputation as one of the hottest guys in the nazi camp as far as security goes. His book, The

March up Country, was written to alert the US far right to the mistakes they made during the years when the notorious and bloody outfit, the

Order, rocked the USA with a wave of killings of Jews, state troopers and police officers, and were caught as a result of their own bad

security. Covington aimed to cure this problem before the next round of terror started, but clearly he has not studied his own text closely

enough in recent times.


In recent years Covington has run a newsletter called Resistance, which he circulates to fellow nazis. In it he often signs off with the name

Winston Smith, the hero of Orwell's 1984. The most recent issues must have been written in Britain and sent out from his old base in

Raleigh, North Carolina in the USA to make people think he was still in America.


One of his oldest and closest associates is Sean McGuire, a Klansman who is very close to Irish Republican activists in the USA and is

often seen marching on Klan demonstrations wearing his famous Sein Fein baseball cap. Covington and big Sean have been bosom

buddies since their fighting days together in the National Socialist Party of America. At a demonstration picketed by Jewish anti-fascists,

McGuire attacked and injured a number of them and this led to his reputation as a "big hitter"

in neo-nazi and KKK circles.


Covington's greatest claim to fame came in 1980 when he stood on the Republican Party ticket in North Carolina for the post of State

Attorney-General and polled 56,000 votes, 43% of the poll.


Top gun


Since 1988 he has been one of the top guns in the Confederate National Congress. It was at one of its rallies that he was captured on video

 greeting and embracing his old comrade, McGuire.


In his circular to British neo-nazis Covington says he is too busy at the moment to "screw around" with anti-fascists, Special Branch or the

Jewish Board of Deputies, as it would upset his specific agenda of goals and things he wants to accomplish whilst he is here.


Let us hope that Ms Rimington lives up to the much publicised expectations the Home Secretary and media have of her and does the right

thing, as they say in the USA, by booting this rat out of the country as soon as possible.


Copyright © 1992, Searchlight.


Extracts from the web site entitled "A Jew Hater's Who's Who" - The data provided on this page is for information purposes only. In no way

is the data to be taken as a solicitation for violence. The Jewish Defense League simply wants its members and web visitors to really know

who their enemies are. The information on this page has been verified to the best of JDL's ability but is subject to change. Those with

knowledge of other "high-ranking" Jew-haters (on the left and right of the political spectrum) are encouraged to provide such information to

the Jewish Defense League.


Harold Covington represents the NATIONAL SOCIALIST WHITE PEOPLE'S PARTY and goes by the alias "Winston Smith" after the

character in the novel "1984" by George Orwell. Here are his personal details:


Name: Harold A. Covington, DOB: September 14, 1953

SSN : 241-96-9573

Occupation: Political activist, professional disrupter, race hater, hates Jews especially/anti-semite.

Mailing address: 4319 Medical Drive, Suite 131-150, San Antonio, Texas 78229 (Mailboxes, Etc.)

Physical location: The Lodge Apartments, Bldg. #17 -- 4900 Medical Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78229

Telephone number: (210) 614-0944

Automobile: 1985 cream-colored Chevy CL 25A wagon

License plate: South Carolina -- YCT 605

Physical description: 5'-11"; brown hair, brown eyes; 300 lbs., beard, glasses; prefers wide-brimmed hats in public.

Marital status: Divorced

Children: 5 (may owe back child support)


His e-mail accounts are:


He publishes a newsletter called "Resistance" and plans on expanding it with a special column on how to fight Jews. He frequents the

newsgroups: alt.nswpp, alt.politics.white-power, alt.revisionism, alt.skinheads, triangle.politics, alt.nationalism.white. It appears he has been

getting donations and spreading his filth through a cell-like organization and on the newsgroups.


He just moved to Texas due to $110,000 judgment against him due to his libeling one of his rival Nazis. He has been getting donations and

spreading his filth through a cell-like organization and on the newsgroups. His close ally in his hate campaign is Bob Summers, whose e-

mail address is <>. Covington and Summers run the National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP). Some have said

 Covington and Summers are one and the same person.


Covington has been accused by other Nazis of being an informant. Intelligence has not confirmed this in any way. Here's one example of the

 trash he posts to newsgroups. He took it from This is "The Teachings of Julius Streicher":


1. Jews concentrate in certain occupations such as doctors, lawyers, money-lenders, merchants, entertainers, etc. Thus they gain a

disproportionate share of the wealth. They control the large monopoly department stores thus putting the independent Gentiles out of


2. Jews pay low wages often forcing poor workers into crime and some women into part-time prostitution.

3. Jews are not true creators of wealth. They avoid physical labor and are rarely farmers, masons, factory workers, etc. Their religion

teaches that it is shameful.

4. Jews hate Jesus Christ but have turned His birthday into a source of great profits. As Rabbi Jacob Wise said: "If the crucified one had a

 brother born in the summertime it would have given us two such profitable holidays."

5. Jews exploit sex for financial gain through their control of the theater and publications.

6. Jews are parasites who secretly gain wealth by exploiting the unwary host people.

7. Jews gain power by first pleading for "tolerance and brotherhood." They coddle political leaders of a nation by making themselves useful

-- ingratiating themselves until they become the power behind the throne.

8. Jews give to charities in order to gain respectability.

9. Even if a Jew undergoes Christian Baptism he remains a Jew because they are a race.

10. Jews concentrate themselves in the large cities where they promote socialism and decadence.


Rhodesia 1976


Photographed with Eric Thomson of Internal Affairs Ministry. Covington is described as "Army". The text accompanying the photo suggests

"Both men are well qualified to explain why Black people are not White people inside and what happens when White people turn their

country over to Black people."


Court Order Against Harold Covington for Libel

Court Order follows in full: Filed on June 26, 1997 / 4:04PM




William W. Williams ) Plaintiff ) vs. ) I N J U N C T I O N Harold A. Covington ) Defendant )


This cause coming to be heard, after proper notice and being heard, on the 25th day of April, 1997, before the Honorable Paul Gessner,

Judge Presiding.

It appearing to the Court, through affidavit and other evidence that:



1. Defendant was properly served, pursuant to N.C. Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 4 on March 21, 1997, with a Motion for Preliminary

Injuction and Notice Of Hearing. 2. Plaintiff appeared, represented by counsel. 3. Defendant did not appear. 4. Plaintiff served defendant

with REQUEST FOR ADMISSIONS OF DEFENDANTon the 18th day of February, 1997. 5. As of April 22, 1997, defendant failed to

respond to those REQUESTS FOR ADMISSIONS. 6. Defendant served Plaintiff's attorney with a document on March 17, 1997, entitled

"DEFENDANT DECLINES FURTHER TO DEFEND". 7. Since the Summons and Complaint in this action was filed, defendant has

continued to publish defamatory statements about the plaintiff and continues to republish defamatory statements about the plaintiff

complained of in the original complaint. 8. Defendant continues to use the United States Postal Service in the distribution of defamatory

statements about the plaintiff. 9. Defendant continues to publish defamatory statements about the plaintiff via the Internet. 10. Defendant

continues to publish defamatory written statements about the plaintiff by other means. 11. Electronic posts to the Internet are the most

insidiously invidious publications in that they remain lurking for additional republication. 12. Plaintiff has suffered and continues to suffer

injury to his reputation and said publications continue to deter third persons from associating with plaintiff in social and business

intercourse. 13. Each individual defamatory publication about the plaintiff by the defendant causes additional injury to the plaintiff. 14. A

monetary judgement can not adequately remedy plaintiff's injuries caused by the defendant. 15. Defendant has been making material

misrepresentations regarding the facts and procedures of this civil action via the Internet. 16. Defendant uses assumed names to publish

defamatory statements about the plaintiff: including but not limited to; "Secretary General:, "NSWPP", and particularly his rakish nom de

plume, "Winston Smith". 17. Defendant has repeatedly and falsely published statements that this Civil Action involves the "National

Alliance". 18. Defendant has repeatedly and falsely published statements that the "National Alliance" is a party in this Civil Action. 19.

Defendant has published statements indicating his intention to defy any Wake County Court Order enjoining his defamatory speech

regarding the plaintiff.



1. Defendant has been publishing defamatory statements, both per se and per quod of and concerning the plaintiff since the filings of this

 Civil Action.

2. Plaintiff has made an adequate showing that he will prevail in this action. 3. Defendant's actions by making additional defamatory


and republishing the original defamatory statements complained of are causing the Plaintiff irreparable harm. 4. Money damages alone are

not sufficient to make the plaintiff whole.


1. Defendant, Harold A. Covington, is hereby enjoined from any publication of any matter involving plaintiff, William W. Williams. 2.

Defendant shall not publish, nor cause to be published any matter concerning William W. Williams or his activities. 3. Defendant shall not

refer to this Civil Action as the "National Alliance law suit" or the "suit against the NSWPP". 4. Defendant shall not refer to the plaintiff as:

"John Doe #2", "Mr.'X' ", or "Little Willie". Entered this 25th day of June, 1997 - Paul Gessner, Judge Presiding


1973 - Harold Covington, who joined a neo-Nazi group while in the U.S. Army in 1972, moves to South Africa, later joining the white-led

Rhodesian Army for 18 months. Covington will later claim that he was a founding member of the Rhodesian White People’s Party. He will be

 deported from Rhodesia (later renamed Zimbabwe) in 1976, after sending threatening letters to a Jewish congregation there.




“A Personal Message From Harold A. Covington Thursday, June 28, 2007”


Dear Racial Comrades,


53 years ago, when I was nine months old, the United States Supreme Court handed down a historic and terrible decision called Brown vs.

Board of Education.


That decision destroyed my life, and the lives of two subsequent generations of White children who have been effectively denied an

education, because a child cannot learn in the presence of dangerous and violent animals with skins the color of shit who foul their nest with

their own excrement.


It would be difficult for me to encompass, and impossible for me to overstate, the catastrophic consequences that Brown vs. Board of

Education has had for America, and for people like me who have been forced to grow up in its shadow. I do not believe I am overstating the

case when I say that all of the many, many subsequent evils which have destroyed the America into which I was born, originated in that one

act of judicial folly and madness.


Today, June 28th, 2007, in a moment of lucidity such as those which occasionally befall a far-gone Alzheimer's patient, America briefly

recovered its sanity. The United States Supreme Court has reversed that terrible judicial fiat which destroyed my life and millions of others

back when I was still in the cradle. In two decisions involving the public school systems in Seattle and Louisville, they effectively brought the

racial integration of the public schools to an end, in the legal sense, anyway, although I'm sure the dying integration monster still has some

spasmodic twitches of life in it.


Nor can the damage of three generations be undone. Any moron can make an aquarium into fish soup, but no one can turn fish soup back

into an aquarium.


But at least America has admitted that it was wrong, albeit 53 years too late. There are some who might tell me that at least now I can face

my declining years with that inner satisfaction, knowing that those nine old swine admitted they were wrong. I don't see it that way.


I look at it it like this: okay, you rotting insects in your black robes--you've admitted you were wrong. Now give me back my life, the life I

should have had, the life I would have had, if your predecessors had not decided to yield to the yowlings of the black beasts and the

 KATARI COVINGTON (5698). Born about 1975 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Wesson, Lucie Annalen (4830)

LARHAH COVINGTON (5699). Born about 1977 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Wesson, Lucie Annalen (4830)

GAVIN COVINGTON (5700). Born about 1979 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Wesson, Lucie Annalen (4830)

FORREST COVINGTON (5701). Born about 1981 in North Carolina NC. Mother: Wesson, Lucie Annalen (4830)

  Harold Armstead Covington 5528 - pic1.jpg

  Harold Armstead Covington 5528 - pic2.jpg

  Harold Armstead Covington 5528 - pic3.jpg

  Harold Armstead Covington 5528 - pic4.jpg

  Harold Armstead Covington 5528 - Rhodesia 1976.jpg

BENJAMIN GLASS COVINGTON (21167). Born: during 1959 in Alamance Co NC. Father: Covington, Forrest Mcallister (5696). Mother:

Glass, Frances Anne (5697). (Last updated: 27/11/2018 13:43:04)

FORREST McALLISTER COVINGTON (21168). Born: during 1967 in Alamance Co NC. Father: Covington, Forrest Mcallister (5696).

Mother: Glass, Frances Anne (5697). (Last updated: 27/11/2018 13:50:38)


KATARI COVINGTON (5698). Born: about 1975 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Harold Armstead (5528). Mother: Wesson, Lucie

Annalen (4830). (Last updated: 01/04/2001)

LARHAH COVINGTON (5699). Born: about 1977 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Harold Armstead (5528). Mother: Wesson,

Lucie Annalen (4830). (Last updated: 01/04/2001)

GAVIN COVINGTON (5700). Born: about 1979 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Harold Armstead (5528). Mother: Wesson, Lucie

Annalen (4830). (Last updated: 01/04/2001)

FORREST COVINGTON (5701). Born: about 1981 in North Carolina NC. Father: Covington, Harold Armstead (5528). Mother: Wesson,

Lucie Annalen (4830). (Last updated: 01/04/2001)

  GENERATION   Spouses, etc

Hannah COVINGTON (21173). Born: 1837- 1838 in North Carolina NC. Father: Hayward (0). Mother: not known (0). Mar: about 1857 in

North Carolina NC to Covington, Noah (21172). (Last updated: 23/11/2022 15:30:45)

Lucy Catherine COVINGTON (21180). Born: 1867- 1868 in South Carolina SC. Father: McAllister (0). Mother: not known (0). Mar: about

1885 in North Carolina NC to Covington, Elijah E (21177). Known as Kate. (Last updated: 13/08/2021 09:20:02)

Mary COVINGTON (26325). Born: 26 Nov 1895 in Robeson Co NC. Father: McLean, Spurgeon (0). Mother: Graham, Catherine Elizabeth

(0). Mar: 25 Dec 1923 in Robeson Co NC to Covington, Gilbert Worth (21182). Died: 9 May 1985 in Greensboro, Guilford Co NC aged 89.

 Known as Edith. (Last updated: 21/04/2021 07:41:59)

Elizabeth L COVINGTON (21170). Born: 1903- 1904 in Delaware DE. Father: not known (0). Mother: not known (0). Mar: 1923- 1924 in

North Carolina NC to Covington, Grady Harold (21169). (Last updated: 13/08/2021 09:20:02)

Frances Anne COVINGTON (5697). Born: 1925- 1926 in North Carolina NC. Father: Glass, Armstead B (0). Mother: Waynick, Lillian (0).

Mar: 13 Aug 1949 in Dare Co NC to Covington, Forrest Mcallister (5696). Died: 18 May 1984 in Burlington, Alamance Co NC aged 58.

Known as Ann. Now divorced. (Last updated: 01/04/2001)

Lucie Annalen COVINGTON (4830). Born: during 1950 in Ireland. Father: Wesson (0). Mother: not known (0). Mar: 12 Jul 1973 in Arlington

Co VA to Covington, Harold Armstead (5528). Known as Louise. In 1989 she lived with her children at 103 Castlemona Ave, Douglas, Isle

of Man. (Last updated: 01/04/2001)